My approach emphasizes the central role relationships play in our lives. Because we are shaped by important relationships, growth and change are elicited within a relational context. In other words, we explore your inner and your relational frameworks to get to the heart of what's going on and address the underlying causes.

To create lasting change, we link new perspective with new experiences. That is, we combine insight with growth. Through the therapeutic process, I help you get clear so that you can identify and change any habits or patterns that may no longer serve you. Together, we create opportunities for you to think and feel differently, make different decisions, and interact in new ways. 

My approach is informed by a cutting-edge graduate degree program, rigorous advanced training, and extensive experience in some of the most demanding and culturally-diverse treatment settings in California and Hawaii. With fifteen years of experience, and expertise in range of emotional, relational, and psychological conditions, I offer psychotherapy that is pragmatic and progress-oriented.

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